Ultra Soap Indy Serves Southside Indy

I wanted to take a second and say thank you for all of your support.  Many of you have already contacted me, purchased our products and even sent some awesome reviews!  I thank you for that 🧡

A lot of you have asked where we deliver and what areas we serve and I wanted to take a second to explain!  

👉 If you live on the South side of Indianapolis, using I-70 as the northern border, Columbus, IN as the southern border, 67 as the western border and 74 as the eastern border, you will get an idea for the areas we service.  🚚

✅ If you live outside those areas, that's cool, we can serve you with other distributors!  You just won't get me 100% of the time!

Take a moment and watch the video 👇





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