Size Matters 😝

Nov 13, 2018
Size Matters 😝

Ultra Soap Indy provides a variety of sizes when it comes to our product lineup.


That has been our motto for years!  When it comes to bulk products, there really isn't anyone better.

Now, consumers, you and the many other households, in America don't necessarily want bulk items.  Would you agree that there are households that shop at Costco and Sams and then there are households that buy what I call "practical" sizes of products that you can't find at these stores?

I want to spend a moment and clear a few things up....

We don't just offer 5 gallon products.

In fact, we offer sizes so small you'd never buy them, 3 ounce sizes we use as samples.  

We have 3 different sizes in just about every product, 24 ounces, 200 ounces or a 1 gallon jug and then the 5 gallon products.

Practical products are needed too and we understand the need for products that are often found on store shelves.  

I encourage you to visit our site and look around.  You will find that we offer sizes for everyone and depending on your needs, we can save you a little or a LOT! 

Remember, size matters and we know that!  

Have a great week!



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