Questions about Cleaning Power?

I often get questions about cleaning power and why our products vary in price.  


Let me explain 👇

All of our products, well I should say, some of our products have different formulas and cleaning strengths.  

For example, our laundry detergents come in 3 different formulas that all have different cleaning characteristics.  We have 6x, 3x and 1x formulas.  What does that mean to you?

6x - compares to Tide original and all the scents that Tide has to offer.  This formulas allows you to use less detergent per load and get the same great cleaning quality.  SIMPLY PUT, this detergent, while it cost more, cleans better with less soap.  

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3x - compares to Gain and all of the variety of scents that Gain has to offer.  We currently offer 2 scents for you to try.  Again, because the cleaning strength is lessened, you will need to use more to effectively get the same results as our 6x detergent.  That said, this product isn’t going to cost as much.

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1x - compare to Tide Simply.  This product is obviously much less than the 3x or 6x formulas.  Designed to be our VALUE product, you will love the scents and PRICE.

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We also offer different cleaning strengths in our dish detergents.  We offer a 1x Lemon, 2x Green Apple, 3x Original and 3x Bleach Alternative.  

As always, THANK YOU for your support!



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